About us

Our non-profit organisation was founded in 2008 by the commitment of a group of friends united in the aim of helping others and by the desire to make a difference.

We are a lay association and our works are aimed at cooperation and development in third world countries, particularly in Africa, in order to improve the living conditions of the most needy and the most vulnerable: children.

What we want to do

We have chosen to found a new association because we want to be different.

We think that cooperation and development consist in helping others by providing knowledge and means, so that tomorrow we will no longer need them.

We want to create and support public utility works not only with donations, but by financing and setting up commercial and productive activities on the spot whose profits are destined for the weakest. 

We want to help those in need, giving hope but above all the dignity of work, giving knowledge and materials.

We want to be transparent and show quickly and clearly to members, volunteers and those who donate to our association how we use their resources.

What our Associates do

The members can annually decide the projects to which to allocate the fundraising, they can propose and organize the fundraising, or they can participate in fundraising proposed by other members.

Every year we propose a trip to all the members to verify and activate the financed projects, that is to see and touch the results with their own hands. All travel costs are borne by the travelers. Not even one euro of fundraising is spent by associates / members.