Happy Christmas 2018

Hi everyone this year has given us many joys. We found many new friends who help us: Kellydeli Foundation, by Jerome and Kelly, Kellydeli Italia that really adopted us, Exelab by Emanuele Caronia. Our old friends have done exceptional things, Fabrizio Iacoangeli and his IAMAUTO, Ilenya Moro with the cheerful band of Civitavecchia, Francesco Pacaccio and his Dominiando. We organized fundraising in Milan, Civitavecchia and Rome to finance the purchase of the electric generator for the Mill in Fada N’ Gourma (total cost €16,928.00).

Milan raised € 406.00 Civitavecchia raised € 3,161.00 Rome collected € 7,537.00, For a total of € 11,104.00

Thanks to the funds already available in 2017, in 2019 we will finally be able to buy the electric generator!!

You were all PHENOMENAL!!! A special mention for Fabrizio Iacoangeli and his IAMAUTO, that devoted incredible time and resources to our projects.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you

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