February 2019

In January, a group of volunteers led by Ilenya Moro went to Burkina Faso and testified about the progress of the projects we funded.

This is the report.

We brought to the childrend the malnutrition center in Léo €1000 of powdered milk, thanks to donations of Piero Scalas and his wonderful family.

We have built two more shops in Léo to support the malnutrition center, thanks to Kellydeli’s Family Italia and Kellydeli’s foundation donations.

Diego and Merilina are getting married soon and have decided to donate a lunch to the poor children, Meat!!! They’ll have orange juice and even cookies as dessert!!!

We have donated a donkey and a cart for a family in order for them to work and provide for their children, thanks to Giorgio Pozzi and Giovanna Marchi donation.

We have donated €1000 of paediatric medicines and dried milk to the Pouponniere Joscheba orphanage in Ouagadougou.

The photos testify to the new solar panels funded in January 2018.

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